I am a highly experienced Real Estate Agent with proven skills in locating the best homes in the Austin area and helping my clients visit a home on the first day it becomes available.

I can help you buy a home at the best possible price as well as to maximize your success in a hot market with many qualified buyers and a limited number of top homes in the best areas.

Buying a home

Whether you have recently arrived in Texas or have lived in the USA for some time, I know how to help you understand the many laws, regulations and customs that will affect your home buying experience.

The combination of my understanding of the unique needs of Asian expats and my many years of experience as a real estate buyer, seller and agent in Texas allows me to reduce the stress of buying your home while greatly increasing your satisfaction with the home buying experience.

I know all the 'tricks of the trade' used by the most clever of agents and can help my clients achieve a good result, even in the most challenging periods of the Austin Real Estate Market.

Last but not least, I give my buyers a rebate* at closing that greatly reduces their closing costs. * The final rebate amount is based on the buyer's agent commission, paid subject to lender approval.

This rebate tends to run between $2,000 and $5,000, although it can exceed $10,000 for an executive level home.

Free Money!!


Selling your Home

For clients selling a home, I offer a reduced listing agent fee that increases net sales proceeds by as much as $10,000*. * the exact amount of savings will vary based on the final sales price.

I also know how to price and market a home to generate the most exposure to motivated clients who are eager to visit and quickly purchase a home.

Equally important are my strong 'Texas horse trading' skills that permit me to succesfully deal with even the most clever of buyer's agents.

This is quite valuable to my clients because I regularly encounter agents who are poorly equipped to handle a skilled negotiator like myself.

Many of my clients have benefitted greatly because a seller or a buyer hired an agent with average or poor negotiation skills, thus placing themselves in a very difficult position when they attempted to negotiate with me.



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